Who We Are

Our Principles

A central theme of our activities is to promote and facilitate energy efficient, all-electric homes and businesses. Our resources can be directed to new builds, extensions, renovations and retrofits, appliance upgrades, and general efficiency improvements.

We have established supply relationships and service mechanisms in place with major suppliers of high quality solar, battery, heat pump, hydronic, heating and cooling, insulation and EV charging products, along with a range of environmentally friendly paints and oils in the store.

In our approach and advice
our principles focus on:

  • Professional advice using our in house expertise and range of sub contractors and suppliers
  • Identifying a cost effective strategy for each customer that accounts for individual circumstances, budgets and future proofing
  • Supplying high quality and high performance products to ensure longevity, safety and value for money
  • Regular monitoring of systems to ensure robustness and reliability
    Responsive service and customer support

Frank Forster – Manager

Frank has guided the establishment and growth of the EnviroShop in central Victoria over the past seven years. Frank has become a leading advocate in central Victoria for the elimination of gas appliances and transitioning to efficient all-electric homes and cars.

He provides bulletins on energy efficiency topics on MAIN-FM community radio on the first Tuesday of the month and appears at numerous events, festivals and workshops.

Nick Jackson - Project Coordinator

Nick is a qualified carpenter and has worked as a Project Manager in the building industry for the past ten years, including responsibilities in quantity surveying and costings for residential and commercial constructions in central Victoria.

Nick has transitioned his miner’s cottage in Castlemaine to abolish his gas meter, install solar panels and efficient heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water. In the past year Nick has added an electric MG car and home EV charger, and is a strong advocate for EnviroShop customers to move into the EV space as soon as practical.

Marta Kelly – Sustainability Adviser

Marta is a qualified building designer with many years experience in concept design and development, planning documentation, and project management for new builds and renovation projects around central Victoria.

Since joining the EnviroShop Marta has applied her knowledge of design and the built environment to support our customers with a range of energy efficiency advice, and liaised closely with our sub contractors and suppliers on specifications and logistics.

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