Heat Pumps for Hot Water

Heat pumps that excel in cold climates, with reliability and long-term durability.

Installing an efficient hot water system is often one of the most effective ways to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

 The average home uses between a quarter and a third of its total energy consumption to heat water. As you reduce energy use in other areas, like lighting, cooking, heating and cooling, this percentage will become bigger and more significant.

EnviroShop has installed many hundreds of heat pumps for homes and businesses. We have partnered with Sanden and Thermann to deliver carefully selected heat pumps that excel in performance in cold climates, reliability and long-term durability.

A heat pump is an electric appliance. Albeit an incredibly efficient one.

Heat pumps utilise the principles of refrigeration to create heat, and it’s the same core technology as what is in both your fridge and your reverse cycle air conditioner.

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Leaders in hot water technology, Sanden heat pumps have the highest efficiency in the industry and bring an array of other benefits.

Coefficient of Performance [CoP] of 5.96 – for every 1 unit of energy that it takes to operate, it can make 5.96 units of heat.

Whisper quiet – encompasses a sound level of 37dB, which is between a whisper and a fridge. This is a common objection surrounding heat pumps, based on poor experience of cheaper, older units, and old shaky air-conditioners. However, Sanden is almost inaudible, even when standing beside the unit.

Fantastic warranties – the Sanden heat pump compressor comes with 6 years warranty and its storage tank 15 years. This is all strongly backed by Sanden’s 35 years of operation in Australia.

Stainless steel storage tank made in Australia – consumers have been screaming out for years for Australian made solar. In this case, the tank is genuinely Australian made.


Like the Sanden the Thermann heat pump is manufactured in Japan. However it only comes in one configuration, with a 315L vitreous enamel tank. The tank warranty on the Thermann is 10 years.

The Thermann tank has a sacrificial anode which may require inspection after three to five years.

Other performance characteristics are virtually identical in terms of efficiency, acoustics, blockout capability and cold climate robustness

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